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Epic (2013) Hindi Dubbed: A Magical Adventure in the Forest

Epic (2013) Hindi Dubbed Movie Watch Online: A Review

Epic is a 2013 animated fantasy adventure film directed by Chris Wedge and based on the book The Leaf Men and the Brave Good Bugs by William Joyce. It tells the story of a teenager who finds herself transported to a deep forest setting where a battle between the forces of good and evil is taking place. She bands together with a rag-tag group of characters in order to save their worldand ours. If you are looking for a family-friendly animation film that will take you to a fantastical world of nature and magic, then you should watch Epic (2013) Hindi dubbed movie online.

epic (2013) hindi dubbed movie watch online


What is the Plot of Epic (2013) Hindi Dubbed Movie?

The film follows the adventures of Mary Katherine (voiced by Amanda Seyfried), a 17-year-old girl who goes to live with her eccentric father Professor Bomba (voiced by Jason Sudeikis) after her mother's death. Bomba is obsessed with finding evidence of a hidden society of tiny warriors called Leafmen who protect the forest from the evil Boggans led by Mandrake (voiced by Christoph Waltz). Mary Katherine thinks her father is crazy until she accidentally shrinks herself and meets Nod (voiced by Josh Hutcherson), a rebellious Leafman who saves her from a Boggan attack.

Mary Katherine soon learns that she has arrived at a critical time, as the forest's queen Tara (voiced by Beyoncé Knowles) has chosen a pod that will bloom into the next heir. However, Mandrake plans to destroy the pod and plunge the forest into darkness. Mary Katherine joins forces with Nod, his mentor Ronin (voiced by Colin Farrell), a slug named Mub (voiced by Aziz Ansari), a snail named Grub (voiced by Chris O'Dowd), and a hummingbird named Nim Galuu (voiced by Steven Tyler) to protect the pod and restore balance to the forest.

Why Should You Watch Epic (2013) Hindi Dubbed Movie Online?

Epic (2013) Hindi dubbed movie is a visually stunning and entertaining film that will appeal to both kids and adults. The animation is rich and detailed, capturing the beauty and diversity of the forest and its inhabitants. The action scenes are thrilling and fast-paced, featuring impressive aerial battles and chases. The humor is witty and charming, thanks to the hilarious voice performances of Ansari, O'Dowd, and Tyler. The film also has a heartwarming message about family, friendship, courage, and environmental awareness.

Epic (2013) Hindi dubbed movie is available to watch online on various streaming platforms, such as Amazon Prime Video, Google Play Movies, YouTube, and Apple iTunes. You can rent or buy the movie in HD quality and enjoy it with your family or friends. Epic (2013) Hindi dubbed movie is a perfect choice for a fun and magical movie night.

Who are the Cast and Crew of Epic (2013) Hindi Dubbed Movie?

Epic (2013) Hindi dubbed movie features an impressive cast of voice actors who bring the characters to life. The main cast includes:

  • Colin Farrell as Ronin, the leader of the Leafmen and Nod's mentor.

  • Amanda Seyfried as Mary Katherine, a human girl who shrinks and joins the Leafmen.

  • Josh Hutcherson as Nod, a young and rebellious Leafman who falls in love with Mary Katherine.

  • Christoph Waltz as Mandrake, the leader of the Boggans and the main antagonist.

  • Beyoncé Knowles as Queen Tara, the ruler of the forest and Ronin's love interest.

  • Aziz Ansari as Mub, a slug who helps Mary Katherine and Nod.

  • Chris O'Dowd as Grub, a snail who helps Mary Katherine and Nod.

  • Steven Tyler as Nim Galuu, a wise and eccentric hummingbird who guides Mary Katherine and Nod.

  • Jason Sudeikis as Professor Bomba, Mary Katherine's father who studies the forest.

Epic (2013) Hindi dubbed movie is directed by Chris Wedge, who is best known for his work on Ice Age (2002), Robots (2005), and Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (2009). The screenplay is written by Daniel Shere, based on the story by Tom J. Astle, Matt Ember, James V. Hart, William Joyce, and Chris Wedge. The film is produced by Lori Forte and Jerry Davis for Blue Sky Studios and 20th Century Fox Animation. The music is composed by Danny Elfman, who creates a whimsical and epic score for the film.

What are the Reviews and Ratings of Epic (2013) Hindi Dubbed Movie?

Epic (2013) Hindi dubbed movie received mostly positive reviews from critics and audiences alike. The film has a rating of 6.7 out of 10 on IMDb, based on 98,789 user votes. The film also has a score of 65% on Rotten Tomatoes, based on 155 reviews, with an average rating of 6.1 out of 10. The consensus reads: \"Epic is a fun, colorful adventure with some dazzling animation -- but its story feels too generic to truly live up to its title.\" The film also has a score of 52 out of 100 on Metacritic, based on 30 critics, indicating \"mixed or average reviews\".

Some of the positive reviews praised the film's animation, action, humor, and voice acting. For example, Peter Debruge of Variety wrote: \"Epic offers a fanciful glimpse into a verdant world most people never bother to notice.\" Claudia Puig of USA Today wrote: \"Epic is a beautifully animated adventure that will enchant kids without boring their parents.\" Some of the negative reviews criticized the film's plot, characters, and lack of originality. For example, Stephen Whitty of Newark Star-Ledger wrote: \"Epic isn't epic -- it's just generic.\" A.O. Scott of The New York Times wrote: \"Epic is less a Pixar-level pleasure than a fast-food facsimile.\" 4e3182286b


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