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sukanto Kuri
Jun 26, 2022
In Business Forum
Last fall, I accepted what I thought was my dream job. I thought I had a Photo Retouching lot of freedom to build a program from scratch, influence and make a big impact on a growing business in a completely blue sea market. Dreams really come true ... Until otherwise. There were many reasons why it was incompatible, but in the end it wasn't right for me. Before work, I had my dog ​​walk on a nearby nature trail and had anxiety attacks on that trail. I breathe it and try to come up with a rational idea. But what came to my mind was something like, "If you have a heart attack, you probably Photo Retouching don't have to go to work today, at least." I quit in less than five months. Burnout is real The World Health Organization recognizes Photo Retouching burnout as an official diagnosis. This is defined as chronic stress, especially with respect to work activities. According to WHO, the three main features are: advertisement Continue reading below Energy depletion or fatigue. Increased mental distance from one's work, or negative or ironic feelings associated with one's work. Decreased professional efficacy. Burnout accelerates when our work Photo Retouching does not meet our expectations and is more stressed than the usual 9-5. If you feel panic or fear before work, here are some ways to proactively improve your situation, or at least manage it until you can move on. 1. Adjust the viewpoint Nightmarish work can be exacerbated by your point of view. Whenever I come to every meeting with my Photo Retouching boss and think it's an attack, it always feels like an attack. Every time you talk to a colleague, you approach it as she thinks you're an idiot. She always feels like you're an idiot. When you are surprised about everything, then everything always looks like an emergency.

sukanto Kuri

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