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Gratis Kuroko No Basket Last Game Full Movie

The 3rd quarter starts and Gold seemed different from before. Sensing this, Kise decided to focus entirely but was stunned after Gold made an insane fast pass with no preliminary movement. Kuroko made an alley-oop pass to Kagami but is blocked by Silver in the air. Gold continues to distribute those insane fast passes with no preliminary movements, always leaving the defenders stunned. On one play, Murasakibara bleeds after getting dunked on by Silver who is not even using his full strength yet. Jabberwock's lead widened to 19 (61-42). Vorpal Swords call a timeout. Kagetora explains that Akashi's ability to drag everyone into the zone cannot be done for two reasons. First is, the players are already exhausted and won't last for rest the game and second is that for some unknown reason, Gold is inhibiting his ability. But Akashi assures that they can still win as long as Gold and Silver are kept under control. To do this, he has Murasakibara defend the no. 6 and 7 players of Jabberwock while Kise and Aomine team up to stop Silver while he will mark Gold. The match resumes and Silver seems surprised by the sudden change in the two. Kise activates his Perfect Copy while Aomine enters the Zone.

Gratis Kuroko No Basket Last Game Full Movie



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