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Free Download BEST Dictionary English Indonesia For Pc Offline

Kamus is a free tool that offers a complete English-Indonesian dictionary all in one place. Thanks to its small file size, downloading it onto your device will take no time at all. After this, you will be able to search for words and find instant English-Indonesian translations. The program monitors your clipboard: copy a word, and Camus will automatically trnaslate it. With tens of thousands of words and phrases in its database, Kurdu offers the perfect dictionary and phrasebook for anyone looking to cross between the two languages.

free download dictionary english indonesia for pc offline

For smartphones and tablets, our dictionaries are available in theslob format,an advanced format understood by the Aard2 dictionary program for Android. JustdownloadAard2 from the playstoreor fromF-Droid.Finally, download one of our dictionaries below to your smartphone.

For desktop computers, you are free to choose between a variety of dictionaryprograms, a selection of clients can be found on ourwiki page.The most advanced is probablyGoldenDict. It can read many formats, including the dictdformat. Just download the archive below to your computer, unpack it and thenselect import from the menu within GoldenDict.

The archives are in the .tar.xz format. If you are unableto unpack this archive format, please download a program like7-Zip. After this, you will find the .index files required for the import in your favourite dictionary program.

The API allows for retrieval of meta information of each dictionary, as well asdirect download links for the target formats (AKA platforms) and their source.This can be helpful for app developers or distributors.

The Arcus offline Dictionary app is available for free on Google Play and suits all Android devices, be them phones or tablets. Having an offline database that includes more than 165000 words, as well as definitions and synonyms for those, the app can be easily used wherever you are located.

Offline English Dictionary is an English to English dictionary app which also works offline. The unique proposition of Offline English Dictionary, as the name suggests, is voice search which works offline as well. It has good ratings as well on Google Play Store but unfortunately, not available on iOS.

German English Dictionary by Ascendo inc is by far the best German to English dictionary. It is also the best offline dictionary for the German language on Android phones and tablets. The same is available for iPhone and iPad as well under the name German Dictionary Translator +

This is another highly-rated translator app, though it is exclusive to Apple operating systems. It has a clean, easy-to-use design and boasts a number of great features including offline mode. The free version has some restrictions, but the Pro membership version offers unlimited use, voice and camera translation, and conversation mode. If you have an iPhone, it might be worth trying this out.

No doubt, there are a lot of offline translator apps out there. Which one is the best fit for you depends a lot on the context in which you plan to use the app, if it is for work, for holidays or maybe for school. An offline app that can translate photos will come in handy, when you are on holiday and try to translate the menu or street signs. While an app with an additional dictionary will be useful, if you actually try to learn a language and want to look up words in context.

Like the mobile app, which is available on iOS and Android, Microsoft Translator also offers a free desktop translator for Windows. The offline version allows text translation, photo translation as well as a phrasebook.

Prompt offers various high-quality language products, including an offline translator for Mac. It has a clean interface and supports translation in various programs including Microsoft Word, Apple iBooks, Apple TextEdit, Apple Pages, and web browsers like Chrome or Safari. Translations from English into German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and vice versa are free.

One option is the website It offers bilingual dictionaries, multilingual glossaries, word lists for language learners, and a broad selection of regular DICT dictionaries, all of which you can download and use for free.

To turn a miscellaneous dictionary file into a DICT file, you need to download DictUnifier. It only works with files with the TAR extension, also known as Tarballs. You can grab it for free on GitHub.

The Sinhala-English Dictionary is a free and compact dictionary and translation tool great for people who are trying to learn or speak both English and Sinhala. This is a great tool for English speakers moving into Sri Lanka or for Sinhalese speakers moving into English-speaking regions.

The Talking Dictionary is a speech enabled computer dictionary for blind and visually impaired people. It uses the existing screen reader or built-in speech to provide definitions and pronunciations of words. The program has over 250,000 word entries and is fully browsable. It works alongside other programs, such as dictionaries, but it also stands alone. The software is free to download, and there is a 50% discount available for students and teachers.


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